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General Terms and Conditions of Thierry Roussey – Chef Privé

The following general terms and conditions of Thierry Roussey – Chef Privé apply to all orders

All prices are in euros including VAT. If there is a period of more than four months between acceptance of the order and the day the service is provided, Thier reserves the right to do sory Roussey – Chef Privé – reserves the right to make a price change due to changing economic conditions.
Order acceptance
All offers are non-binding until the order is accepted.
Number of participants & Description of services
The client undertakes to inform Thierry Roussey – Chef Privé – of the exact number of participants and the specific choice of food and drinks no later than 5 working days before the event. The information is considered part of the contract and forms the basis for billing. Assistant cooks and/or additional service personnel must be paid directly by the client.

Thierry Roussey – Chef Privé – undertakes to prepare a meal for the number of people specified by the client in the client's private or business premises. The price includes purchasing the ingredients, preparing the food, serving at the table (up to 7 participants) and leaving the kitchen properly. The same menu is served at the table for all invited guests. Exceptions (e.g. for vegetarians) must be discussed individually in advance.
In order to guarantee consistent quality and freshness of the ingredients used, the chef reserves the right to change individual elements of the menu due to market conditions or to replace them with a similar product that meets the high quality standards of Thierry Roussey - Chef Privé.
Obvious defects will only be taken into account if the complaint is made immediately after tasting the menu. Hidden defects in the goods served must be reported immediately, but at the latest within 2 days of being discovered.
Invoice & payment
The services provided by Thierry Roussey – Chef Privé – are due for payment without any deductions no later than the day of the event, unless otherwise agreed. Payment is made in cash against a receipt or invoice. In the case of a bank transfer, the payment must be credited to the “Chef Privé” account by the day of the event at the latest. A deposit of 30 percent of the total amount can be requested upon confirmation of the reservation. In the event of late payment, statutory default interest will be charged. Thierry Roussey – Chef Privé – reserves the right to claim further damages.
Mileage allowance
Arrival and departure within the first 25 km from Munich (Dauthendeystr. 23, 81377 Munich) are free. Each additional kilometer driven will be billed at 0.67 euros plus VAT.
Loss & Damage to rental items
For items that Thierry Roussey – Chef Privé – makes available to the client to carry out the order (e.g. dishes, etc.), the client is responsible for the duty of care from the time they are taken over until they are returned. In the event of damage or loss due to the fault of the client, the costs of replacement or repair will be charged. The client is liable for his guests.
A week before the booked date, Thierry Roussey-Chef Privé needs the final number of guests and the desired menu. You can change the number of guests up to 5 days before your appointment. If you cancel 4 days before your appointment or the number of guests changes, I (Thierry Roussey) will charge 50 percent of the menu price. If you cancel on the same day or the number of guests is reduced, I (Thierry Roussey - Chef Privé-) will charge 100 percent of the menu price.
Thierry Roussey - Chef Privé - is liable for damage to the client's premises that occurs during the evening, which is not personal injury and does not concern cardinal obligations, only for intent and gross negligence.
written form
Deviating agreements or additional agreements must be in writing to be effective.
Place of jurisdiction & applicable law
The place of jurisdiction is Munich if the client is a full-time merchant and the order is part of his commercial business. German law applies.

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